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Beechwood membership is limited to 120 members due to the size of our meeting, exhibition space and available parking.  We currently have a small number of vacancies and invite applications by emailing with your name and a phone number. When we are fully subscribed applicants will join our unofficial waiting list.

If you would like to join Beechwood, we are obliged to gain your explicit consent to our holding your Personal Information electronically.  Therefore please read our Privacy Policy which explains what information we hold on you and why we hold it, and your rights in respect of that information.

Membership runs from 1st April to 31st March annually.  The current membership fees are £20 for SAA members and £25 for non SAA members, payable in March.  The residual fee payable for those joining during the year will be confirmed at a later date. The fees for 2023-24 have been subject to an increase due energy price rises. The AGM will be held on 1st March commencing at 11.00am at the Amersham Common Village Hall.

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